Our staff consists of both our own staff along with a network of experienced coaches and consultants. Everyone who works with us has excellent competence, long experience and great commitment and passion in client development! 

All our coaches undergo regular training and education in the Newstart model för career development™ which follows leading international coaching best practice. Many of us have the PCC certification, which is the second highest level of the International Coach Federation.


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Peter Cederqvist

President and Founder 
Contact Peter by email  e-mail
or call +46 70-426 90 01 alternatively +46 8-653 66 36


Peter runs since 2002 Newstart along with Charlotte Hågård and is the company's CEO. He works with outplacement and individual coaching of managers and employees, as well as holding training courses, seminars and lectures in leadership coaching and change management. 
He is also a business coach to leaders in different companies. 

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Charlotte Hågård

Founder, Marketing, Lecturer, Writer 
Contact Charlotte by e-mail
or call + 46 70-514 31 13 alternatively +46 8-653 66 36


Charlotte är grundare av Newstart. Hon arbetar med affärsutveckling, Executive coaching, ledarutveckling, metod- och konceptutveckling, föreläsningar och seminarier. Charlotte är också en populär författare och föreläsare. Hon är ofta intervjuad i pressen som expert på karriärfrågor.
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Gunnel Wahlquist

Training Manager, Career coach, Trainer
Contact Gunnel by e-mail
or call + 46 70-624 02 37 alternatively +46 8-653 66 36


Gunnel is a consultant and training manager at Newstart. She works as a coach and consultant in outplacement and individual coaching of managers and employees, as well as conducting training courses, seminars and lectures. 
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Anette Ohlsson

Career Coach, Trainer, Training Manager
Contact Anette by e-mail
or call + 46 766-365 618 alternatively + 46 8-653 66 36


Anette works as a career coach, educator and lecturer at Newstart .She works with many outplacement- and redevelopment projects in addition to managing our events and training programs.  
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EvaLena Lindqvist

Administration and Project Coordination 
Contact Evalena by e-mail
or call + 46 766-36 56 15


Evalena is responsible for the administration at our office in Stockholm. She is also the project coordinator for large customer projects. 
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Håkan Bjelke

Contact Håkan by e-mail
or call + 46 766-365 616 alternatively +46 8-653 66 36

Håkan Bjelke

Hakan is Newstarts CFO with responsibility for finance, contracts, and accountin.
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Catharina Håkansson

Marketing / PR / Coordinator 
Contact Catharina by e-mail
or call + 46 73-325 17 75

Catharina ensures that we reach the relevant markets with our products and services and creates relationships with our stakeholders. 
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Newstart’s Coaches

Newstart’s consultants and coaches are located all over the country. All our coaches are trained and certified by us at Newstart. Most have passed our one-year training Certified Career Coach. 
Some have many years of experience in line-management positions, HR-consulting work and as coaches.  
All of them have experience in leadership, personel downsizing, recruitment, training, and management and organizational development from various industries. This combination provides a quality assurance for our customers and gives us a solid base for our work with people undergoing change. 

Robert Rönnbom, underkonsult
Pavla Kruzela

Viveka Andersson - Stockholm

Career, CV and Job Coach 
Contact Viveka by  e-mail
or call + 46 70- 05 14 179 alternatively +46 8-653 66 36


Viveka is an experienced career coach within the business sector in addition to private clients, coaching several hundred individuals to date. She has many years of experience in recruitment and as a trainer in personal marketing. Viveka reviews CVs and conducts interview training for both industry and private individuals to enable increased career opportunities. 

Sara Tidala - Stockholm

Career, CV and Job Coach 
Contact Sara by  e-mail
or call +46 70-698 01 20 or +46 8-653 66 36


Sara works with assignments in individual career counseling, outplacement for larger companies and CV / Interview-support for both academics unions as well as individuals. 

Annalena Brighty - Stockholm

Career, CV and Head Coach 
Contact Anna Lena by  e-mail
eller ring +46 70-639 95 59 or +46 8-653 66 36


Annalena is working with leadership development, business and career coaching and resume review of both Swedish and English CVs. 

Ann-Charlotte Nilsson - Gothenburg

Career and Job Coach 
Contact Ann-Charlotte by  e-post
eller ring +46 733-244394 or +46 8-653 66 36


Ann-Charlotte is working on assignments in the job and career coaching and outplacement programs. Her clients, in addition to private individuals, have come from both private and public sectors. 

Robert Rönnbom - Gothenburg

Coaching and Developing Leadership 
Contact Robert per e-mail or  +46 723-33 28 99

Robert collaborates with Newstart in Gothenburg. For 20 years, he has contributed to the development of individuals, groups and organizations through coaching and leadership development leading to change in the people, groups and organizations. 
As a consultant full time, Robert Rönnbom AB, has conducted national and international assignments and projects, for amongst others the City of Gothenburg, Ericsson, Volvo, the Swedish Armed Forces, the Second AP Fund, Waterfall. 

Lena Lundqvist - Umeå

Coach, Nursing Instructor and Addiction Therapist 
Contact Lena per e-mail or +46 72-210 36 74


Lena's CEO SHIFT Education and collaborates with Newstart with Eco care for Umeå Municipality in service career changes, stress management and treatment and support in addiction. Other collaborative projects with Newstart include different career mission, including the Changeover Fund.

Ingrid Lindelöw-Berntson - Umeå

Coach, Visionary Leader 
Contact  Ingrid per e-mail or +46 70-552 20 38


Ingrid is the leader SHIFT Education and collaborates with Newstart together with Eco care for Umeå Municipality in service career changes, stress management and treatment and support in addiction. Other collaborative projects with Newstart include career coaching, including the Changeover Fund. Other assignments are business coaching, leadership coaching, job coaching and life coaching. 
Read more about Ingrid here!

Janne Paulsson - Umeå

Coach, Leadership Consultant 
Contact Janne per e-mail or +46 70-550 95 13


Janne works SHIFT Education and collaborates with Newstart together with Eco care for Umeå Municipality in service career change, stress management and treatment and support in addiction. Other collaborative projects with Newstart is different career mission, including the Changeover Fund. 

Anniqa Bjersing - Umeå

Coach, Nurse and Drug Therapist 
Contact Anniqa per e-mail or +46 70-555 86 23


Anniqa works at Eco care for Umeå Municipality and collaborates with Newstart together with SHIFT Education services in stress management and treatment and support in addiction. 

Pavla Kruzela - Helsingborg

Career Coach, Mentor Coach, Leadership Coach 
Contact Pavla e-mail eller +46 70-62 83 995

Pavla has an MBA. Since 1990, she has had her own business where she has provided tailor-made training and coaching for companies. She is certified in a number of psychological self-awareeness tools  and Master Certified Coach by the ICF. 
In parallel with her business she conducts research and teaching in the Department of Service Management, Campus Helsingborg, Lund University. She has also performed in-house training at IKEA, GE, AMEX, Alfa Laval amongst others.
Learn more at her website