Services Umeå Municipality

In Umeå Newstart cooperates with SHIFT Education and Eco Care Services in the area of career changes, stress management, treatment and support in addiction. 

+46 8-653 66 36
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Career Development/Outplacement

Newstart has over 20 years experience of working with outplacement, career and job coaching. Newstarts conversion program stands for quality and professionalism.

Stress Management

We offer a cognitively oriented stress management program that produces measurable results and useful tools. The method is based on a cognitive and coaching approach with a structure that inspires and motivates the participants  to positive behavior change.

Depending Aid

Have you or someone in your vicinity substance abuse or dependency problems, we can offer various support. Addiction can be about alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, nicotine and codependency. We have years of experience in education, therapy and motivational interviewing / coaching and our work is based on current science and proven experience.

Our coaches in Umeå

Lena Lundqvist
Address: Storgatan 43, 903 26 Umeå
Mobile: 072-210 36 74