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Everyone has talent!

Really, what is talent? Career and talent expert Charlotte Hågård lectures about her book "Everyone Has Talent!". 

Build your personal brand

Stand out on LinkedIn! then you will be successful

With today's information overflow, the most important - and most difficult – thing to do is to stand out. You have to separate yourself from the crowd, be clear and visible. Do you want a new job or boost your career? Find new customers, employees or partners? Be known for your expertise or get professional inspiration? LinkedIn is the fastest growing professional career network in modern time but only a fraction know how to write a professional and attractive profile.
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Find your talents and passions

Everyone has talent. But what is talent? Career expert Charlotte Hågårds message is that everyone has the talent and the capacity to reach their full potential. Talent is not about having a high IQ or absolute pitch, but is a force that is available in all of us! 
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Make your career plan and put it into practice

Looking for a new job, boosting your career or try a new path? Want to know more motivation, commitment, and innovation?
Changing your working life is so much easier  if you are prepared and have goals, targets and a good plan to follow.

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