Everyone has talent!

What is talent really? Career and talent expert Charlotte Hågård lectures about her book "Everyone Has Talent!". 

In the book, Charlotte crushes the myth that only some have innate gifts and shows that everyone has the talent and capacity to reach their full potential. Talent is actually not what you think it is! Talent is not about having a high IQ or absolute pitch, but is a force that is available in all of us. 

No one is born with special talents. You achieve success through motivation, drive, passion, to think right, good coaching and hard work. And this is what the book “Everyone Has Talent!” is all about - how to find and develop your and others' talent!

The ideas and methods Charlotte describes both in the book and her lecture, can be used both for your own development and the development of others. 

In "Everybody Has Talent!" which is the first Swedish book on talent, Charlotte shares her broad experience and the work of some of the world's foremost experts and researchers on talent. 
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Examples from the book 
  • Believe that you have talent 
  • Develop your unique talent 
  • Improve your self-awareness 
  • Identify your talents and passions 
  • Build on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses 
  • Build your personal brand based on your talent 
  • How to find talent in others 
During the lecture, you acquire both inspiration and practical tools.

About the lecturer
Charlotte Hågård is one of Sweden's most experienced career coaches.  ( She has written several best-selling career books, is frequently interviewed by the media, has been a career coach in Dagens Nyheter and TV4 and coached thousands of people, individually and in groups. She is up to date with her latest book - "Stand out on LinkedIn! Then you become successful"

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