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Everyone has talent. But what is talent? Career expert Charlotte Hågårds message is that everyone has the talent and the capacity to reach their full potential. Talent is not about having a high IQ or absolute pitch, but is a force that is available in all of us! 

To be working with your strengths and talents are crucial for job satisfaction and motivation, but many people are unsure of what talents you really have. By finding your talents and your passion, you can more easily discover new possible paths of work. 

During the lecture Charlotte tells about why talent is not at all what you think it is and what key factors the world's premier talent researchers have found in those who do best. You learn how to be successful by finding your strengths, your motivation, drive and passion so that you can develop yourself and your life in a good way,

The lecture is also about how you analyse your profile and inspire thinking about how your work will look to suit your needs and your personality.  

Charlotte Hågård guides you using her long experience as a career expert and will share useful advice, tools and interesting examples from real cases. She inspires you to maximize the return on your own human capital - your inner talent! 

About the lecturer
Charlotte Hågård is one of Sweden's most experienced career coaches  ( She has written several best-selling career books, is frequently interviewed by the media, has been a career coach in Dagens Nyheter and TV4 and coached thousands of people, individually and in groups. She is up to date with her latest book - "Stand out on LinkedIn! How to become successful".

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