Make your career plan and put it into practice

Looking for a new job, boosting your career or try a new path? Want to have more motivation, commitment, and innovation? Changing your work is so much easier if you are prepared and have goals, targets and a good plan to follow. Career change requires new challenges, contacts and sometimes unconventional solutions. And not least, the courage and the ability to there after, put the plan into action.

During the lecture, you get the tools to find what you want and how to get there. Learn to make a career plan that leads you ahead in stages to suit you. The lecture is full of inspiration, tip and knowledge from Charlotte Hågård, a pioneer in career development in Sweden since 1992.

About the lecturer
Charlotte Hågård is one of Sweden's most experienced career coaches ( She has written several best-selling career books, is frequently interviewed by the media, has been a career coach in Dagens Nyheter and TV4 and coached thousands of people, individually and in groups. She is up to date with her latest book - "Stand out on LinkedIn! How to become successful".

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