Stand out on LinkedIn, 1,5 hours

With today's information overflow, the most important - and most difficult thing to do, is to stand out. You have to separate yourself from the crowd, be clear and visible. 
Do you want a new job or boost your career? Find new customers, employees or partners? Be known for your expertise or get professional inspiration? LinkedIn is the fastest growing professional career network in modern time but only a fraction know how to write a professional and attractive profile.

During the seminar, Charlotte teaches you how to build a clear personal brand and creates a sharp LinkedIn profile in order for you to stand out. For advice on using LinkedIn to build a career promotion network in a short time and how to be detected in searches for someone with your skills.

Selections from the contents

  • create a LinkedIn profile that separates you from the crowd
  • take stock of yourself and find your unique niche
  • 5 things you should do before you write your profile
  • building your personal brand step by step
  • how to use your CV on LinkedIn
  • use keywords in the right way and at the right place
  • make a sales summary
  • introduce yourself and your career history correctly
  • get others to market you
  • avoid 8 common mistakes
  • how you can find people who can help you get your job done faster
  • being found by recruiters, employers, customers and journalists by choosing the right keywords and place them strategically.

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