Collaborations / Membership - Sweden

CareerBuilder is one of Sweden's and the world's largest players in the segment of Internet-based recruitment and publishes every month over 9,000 jobs in Sweden on 
CareerBuilder offers solutions in: 
- Job posting and online recruitment 
- Employer Branding 
- Customized solutions for candidate attraction 
CareerBuilder has offices in 37 countries and has about 2,000 employees. Newstart is the knowledge partner of CareerBuilder in Sweden via Charlotte Hågård.
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Unionen is the largest union with over 600,000 members. Newstart is Unionen’s career partner and offers a number of career opportunities for members and head members at a discounted price. 
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National Union of Teachers (LR) has over 90 000 members, mainly teachers and counsellors. Newstart cooperates with the National Union of Teachers. More about Teachers' Association

Civilekonomerna is Sweden's largest trade union for economists. 
Newstart is responsible for all CV and letter examination and interview training for Civilekonomernas members. 

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Newstart is a member of The Entrepreneurs an organization whose aim is to create better conditions to start, operate, develop and own businesses in Sweden. 
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Newstart cooperates with via Charlotte Hågård who is career expert to Driftigs members. is the largest meeting place for female entrepreneurs and enterprising young women.. Here you meet people with the drive and ambition to do business with each other, exchange experiences and promote their businesses. More about

NEWSTART is a member of Contractors Founders Alliance network. 
Founders Alliance works with business development of entrepreneurial growth companies with the objective to increase the opportunities for Swedish entrepreneurs to grow faster and more efficiently. 
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Newstart are members of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. 
Stockholm Chamber of Commerce promotes issues that are crucial to creating better conditions for growth and competitiveness in the metropolitan area, Stockholm and Uppsala. As a member, we help to shape opinion and influence decision-makers so that the region can develop into a more attractive location for both businesses and people. 
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