Career Development
When you want to attract, develop and retain
your talents

All people want to know that they can develop in their workplace and within their professional lives. Some thrive when they are able to focus or specialize in a particular moment. Others want to constantly meet new challenges and test their limits. 

Previously, it was common practice to view a career as being tantamount to climb in the organization's hierarchy. This is no longer the truth. There are numerous career styles and possible pathways to navigate the labor market. One can become a specialist or a generalist. One can be an employee or a consultant. It is possible to deepen one’s knowledge or broaden it. There are many opportunities and challenges to take on. We who work at Newstart have worked with career planning for decades, together we have enormous experience. 

We offer among other things

  • Individual career counseling and coaching
  • Open courses and lectures
  • Customized training and seminars
  • Books, methodology and tools in career planning

Career planning can be used in several different contexts, such as to create a structure and inspiration for major organizational change or to give one particular employee a tool for his or her own use internally or externally in an organization.

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