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Transition model

- Use our unique method to accelerate change in people

Change is constant. The trick is how you handle it. Each change represents different degrees of challenges for both those who have to manage it and those who have an HR role and shall support the rest of the organization during the change process. 

At Newstart we specialize in tools and methodologies for managing the human side of change. 

Transition is the psychological adaptation to change. For over 30 years, Professor William Bridges developed the Transition model - how people manage change through a gradual process into three distinct phases Clearance, neutral zone and a new start.  For each phase, there are a number of organizational and leadership tools that accelerate the process of change. Hundreds of companies worldwide and thousands of managers, HR professionals, employees and consultants have learned to use the strategies and techniques of the Transition model and thanks to them to better manage the human factor when it comes to dealing with change. 

We are certified in the US to train in the Transition model. 

Learn the Transition model at Newstart
1. HR specialists and consultants 
You can choose to attend our education "Certified Change Coach", either as open training with us in Stockholm alternatively as a company intern.   

2. For Managers 
We implement "To lead the human side of change" as an internal course, workshop or lecture at your company. The target group is  managers at all levels. 

3. For Employees 
"Navigating Change" can be implemented as internal workshops or lectures outside of your company. The target groups are managers and employees at all levels. 

4. Consultation 
We also carry out consultation on Transition Management and strategies for dealing with the human side of change in businesses and organizations.

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