Certified Career Coach step 2 

The only Swedish one year education where you become a certified career coach.  

Certified Career Coach is a 3 step training for those who want to work professionally with life and career coaching. This is Step 2 of the training that runs over 5 days with homework assignments and final report. 

Certified Career Coach Step 2 
The individual's future paths and goals. To coach diverse target-groups.

Future inventory

  • To create an exciting vision of the future
  • Four-dimensional analysis of your future
  • 3 different methods for creating a future scenario

Objective: To clarify a future vision 

New development paths

  • 4 different tools to find new ways of development

Objective: to find new concrete paths and get focused. 

External factors inventory and personal employment market

  • Charting your personal employment-market.
  • To do market research for your future and reality test your ideas.
  • Building networks - theory and some effective methods.
  • Details Interviews - an effective tool.

Objective: To provide a structured toolbox for reality testing. 

Decision making and obstacles

  • Making decisions - decisions different styles of career decision-making.
  •  "Personal Barriers in Professional Life" - mapping tools.
  • Typical obstacles and hurdles of the client and how to get past them.
  • Motivation and brain research.

Objective: To provide the correct support for the client's decisionmaking process. 

Objectives and development

  • Setting goals and creating an exciting vision and future scenario
  • To write down an action plan and ensure that it actually gets implemented

Objective: To coach the client's goals and action plan. 

Analysis of personal brand marketing and active job search

  • Building your personal brand
  • Personal profiling - to build up a strategic plan for personalized brand marketing
  • To write and give feedback on the different types of CV
  • Personal marketing at the interview and other meetings.
  • Succeeding with internal and external job search - activities and planning-tools
  • Internet based job search

Objective: To coach personalized brand marketing and acquire a structure for the job search process. 

Final report. Presentation of written final report. 

Previous knowledge 
You must have completed Certified Career Coach Step 1 with approved home assignments. 
The training period is 5 days and takes place in Stockholm. 

The course fee includes:

  • 5 course days
  • Course mateial as well as a variety of career-tools (value 6000 €)
  • Literature: “CV book” by C Hågård
  • Certificates for the course on the tools you learned
  • Lunch + Coffee

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