Certified Career Coach step 3

The only Swedish one year education where you become a certified career coach.  

We focus on career coaching within companies, to build internal systems for career development, group coaching, life-coaching and planning and rehabilitation. For those of you who have Step 1 + 2.

Certified Career Coach is Step 3 of the training for those who want to work professionally with life and career coaching. This is Step 3 of the training that goes over 5 days with homework, final report and oral presentation. 

The program is for those who want to acquire a solid expertise on life and career development coaching and equip you with a solid platform, tool box and structured methodology. The certification gives you an expertise and quality that separates you from the crowd. 

Certified Career Coach Step 3 
Coaching competencies and career planning for businesses.

Career coach competence - deepening

  • Deepening of your coaching skills.

Objective: To gain insight into the skill base required to become a professional career coach and develop your coaching skills. 

To coach needs other than career-coaching

  • Using the methodology for coaching in rehabilitation and life planning

Objective: To adapt the methodology to different situations and needs. 

To coach people who want to develop within the organization.

  • Newstart method for internal development
  • Mapping the internal competencies as a tool for career planning
  • Different target groups - managers, employees, young people, older people, trainees and others.
  • Using the Newstart model for internal career planning - how the tools differ?
  • 10 internal career paths - mapping model.

Objective: To learn how internal career coaching is different from coaching leading to a new job. 

Coaching and internal organization of the career

  • Coaching and career development within the organization.
  • Which contexts and situations require career planning?
  • The needs that govern internal career planning.
  • Systems for strategic career development.
  • The manager as career coach and developer.
  • Linking career to other HR systems within the organization.
  • Various methods and applications.
  • Web-based tools and methodology.
  • Building an internal career center

Objectives: To understand how to build career development internally within an organization. 

Group coaching

  • Organizing a career coaching group.
  • Meeting different expectations and obstacles.
  • Tips for workshops and seminars.
  • The role of the course leaders.

Objectives: To be able to organize a successful group program and methodology. 

International trends

  • Career: practical examples from the US, Australia and Europe.
  • International trade associations and international certification.

Goal: An international outlook and knowledge of what is happening within the career sector in other parts of the world. 

Your own career development plan as a Career Coach
Objective: To connect what you have  learned from the program to your own work situation. 

Final report and certification 
Presentation of final report orally and in writing. 
Certification ceremony 

Previous knowledge 
You should have completed Certified Career Coach Steps 1 and 2 with approved home assignments. 

The training is 5 days and takes place in Stockholm. 

The course fee includes:

  • 5 course days
  • Employment + course material and a variety of career tools.
  • Diploma as Certified Career Coach
  • Lunch + Coffee

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