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Coachtraining for managers

Learn active and practical methods and tools for developing 
coaching sessions in the company.

Coaching is a future skill. Join our 4-day intensive coaching for HR manager and specialist. Learn active and practical methods and tools for developing coaching sessions in the company.

Target Group: HR Manager /Specialist / Consultant

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Managing change and transition

Managing change and transition addresses how you can lead the human side of change. The latest developments in brain research (neuroscience) have contributed to greater understanding of what creates resistance to change. 
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Development Leadership, UL

With a coaching attitude, you create results through motivation and commitment.
Do you want to increase the impact of your organization through a successful and transparent approach with leadership-development? Do you want to get employees to grow and take responsibility? Here you will learn a coaching approach to help you achieve results through motivation and commitment. You acquire a greater awareness of your leadership style, which contributes to greater clarity and focus of leadership. 
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Successful Leadership

Do you want to get employees to grow, take responsibility and create results?
Successful Leadership is based on Newstarts extensive experience, acquired throughout many years working with individuals and organizations throughout processes of change.

Target group:
Managers / Leaders, HR / Specialists / Consultants. If you want to develop your leadership and develop a coaching approach at your leadership style.
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