Coachtraining for managers

Learn active and practical methods and tools for developing coaching sessions in the company.


Coaching is the future of competence. Join our 4-day intensive coaching course aimed at  HR Manager/-specialist. Learn active and practical methods and tools for developing coaching sessions within the organization. 

Stop taking responsibility for everyone. Learn how to streamline and professionalize your HR work by increasing the organization's ability to take responsibility. 
Developing and strengthening managers and leaders' ability to take proactive responsibility for their department.

In this course, you learn a coaching approach and how to conduct coaching conversations with the organization's managers and employees. 

Target group: Managers, HR specialists and Consultants

By working with coachingtraining for managers you learn to streamline and professionalize your work by increasing the organization's ability to take responsibility. As a manager, you will be better able to listen and communicate with your employees. As an HR-specialist you will develop and strengthen your managers' ability to take proactive responsibility for their operations, while you free up time for more strategic work. 

Example of course content
Part 1: What is coaching?

  •  What is coaching and a coaching approach?
  • What distinguishes coaching from other disciplines
  • Internal Coaching – how to use coaching within the organization.

Part 2: Coaching Technology

  • Models and tools for developing internal coaching sessions.
  • Coaching conversation and the different stages of the coaching cycle.
  • Coaching portfolio- toolbox for coaches.
  • The role of a  Coach  - the 5 most important coaching skills.
  • Strong and weak questions.
  • Formulate powerful and engaging goals.
  • Body language and communication.
  • Active listening in addition to effective feedback.
  • Developing a coaching plan.
  • Ethics in coaching work - where it begins and ends?
  • Case studies from your own business

Part 3: I am a Coach/ My role

  • I am a Coach.  Self inventory and analysis.
  • Creating time for coaching.
  • The use of coaching in my work - how and when?
  • When I coach, and when I am an advisor?
  • My own development as a Coach

Part 4: Coaching within organizations

  • Creating a coaching culture within the organization.
  • To coach within a non-coaching corporate culture.
  • Coaching within HR.
  • Who should I coach and when?
  • 3 common internal coaching situations and the correct coaching approach.
  1. Career coaching/development.
  2. Difficult behavioral patterns and conflicts.
  3. To coach during the change process.
  • To coach managers - different needs.
  • To coach people - different needs.

Who should attend? 
Anyone who currently works for example as a Manager /Leader or HR-specialist:
HR/Personnel Manager, Internal Consultant, HR-specialist, 
Competence Developers, Career, Chief Developer, 

The course fee includes

  • 4 course days
  • Course materials + documentation
  • Lunch and coffee

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Course Facts 
Time: 9:30 am to 5.00 pm 
Location: Newstart, Birger Jarlsgatan 23, Stockholm 
Length: 2+2 days
Price: 19.950 SEK excl. sales tax