Develop Mental Leadership, UL

With a coaching attitude, you create results through motivation and commitment.


Do you want to increase the impact of your organization through a successful and transparent approach within leadership-development? Do you want to get employees to grow, take responsibility and create results? With a coaching approach, you create results through motivation and commitment. You have a greater awareness of your leadership style and how to lead effectively contributing to greater clarity and focus on leadership. Your knowledge bank is also usable in other contexts in life. 

Develop Mental Leadership (UL) is the Armed Forces' new leadership model. It´s also applied within the state and local government sector in addition to the private sector. UL is developed and quality assured by the Institute of Leadership and Management at the National Defence University and has been in the Swedish commercial market since 2004.
Developing Leadership rests on a broad scientific base with starting points in organizational theory, pedagogy, psychology, psychiatry, social psychology and sociology.

Target group
The training is for those who currently work with any kind of leadership or project, such as Manager,Leader, HR / Personnel-specialist, Project Manager, Consultant or Mentor/Coach. 

The program's four main areas 
1. Training in Developing Leadership (UL).
2. 360-degree Assessment.
3. Personal Development.
4. Individual Coaching.

About the training 
Module 1: 
The training consists of 2 days with a 2-day intensive recap after about two months. During the last part, the focus is on the individual development plan and how to create a coaching culture. We work with practical tools to increase motivation and commitment both of oneself and of the employees. 

Module 2: 
Leadership development begins in the workplace with a 360-degree assessment of each participant's leadership behavior. The leadership is judged by the superior, ancillary and subordinate while the participant makes a self-assessment. The Defence University compiles assessments which then form the basis for further work during the training. 

Module 3: 
Through feedback from the 360-degree assessment, we are working to develop a personal development plan with vision, goals and activities. 

Module 4: 
Coaching to develop your personal leadership skills. Overcoming obstacles, gain new insights, inspiration and motivation to achieve their goals.

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Course Facts 
Length: 2+2 days
Price: 19.950 SEK excl. sales tax